Apsara collection's fabrics and trims



The main fabric of our jackets is a linen and organic cotton twill. We have chosen this mix of natural fibers with well-known functional properties. Cotton and linen are absorbent and breathable while guaranteeing a certain thermal insulation. These fibers are not very allergenic. Linen is more resistant and this luster with use. Cotton is more absorbent and wrinkles less. A mixture to balance the characteristics of these fibers. The twill weave is stronger and adds texture to the fabric for a more worked look. Flax is harvested in Europe, it consumes less water and is less susceptible to insect attack than cotton. The latter, harvested in India to make the link with our theme, was chosen organic and certified to overcome the problems that are often linked to it: working conditions, use of pesticides and respect for agricultural land.


Our cotton is harvested in India and spun in Italy by Mantafil, the linen is spun in Italy by Tintoria di Pollone, everything is woven in Italy by Lanificio Subalpino.


> Cotton yarn certified GOTS GO0190



Cupro is an artificial material derived from chemically transformed natural materials. Cupro is created from the upcycling of cotton linters, usually discarded. It retains the properties of natural fabrics, it is breathable, but is also silkier, more fluid and softer. Perfect properties for the lining of our jackets. Our cupro is certified GRS, Global Recycle Standard to ensure by third parties: the recycled content in this case the linter; traceability of the production chain; the social and environmental practices of this same chain and restrictions on the level of the chemical composition.


The cotton linters are recovered from targeted producers in India, Brazil in the USA and Japan, it is transformed by Bemberg Asahi Kasei in Japan and then woven by Tessitura Marco Pastorelli.


> Cupro yarn certified GRS 1001802
> Cupro yarn certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 13.HJP.27480
> Cupro fabric certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 982768.O


> Spinning mill / Closed loop industrial water treatment system
> Spinning mill / Production with 40% renewable energy
> Spinning mill / 99.8% zero waste process
> Spinning mill / Supports the sustainable textile industry in India with the Business Call to Action program
> Weaving mill / Electricity saving program


> Spinning mill certified Life Cycle Assessment
Spinning mill certified ISO-14001 JQA-EM0561
Weaving mill certifiedengagé ZDHC



Our coats are covered with interlining to stiffen the fabric and accentuate the structured effect, an invisible fundamental aspect that is even more important with our artistic line. The interlining also strengthens the fabric and increases the longevity of the piece. We chose polyester for its highly circular properties, being aware that our coat was not machine washable, accepting very little opportunity for polyester to degrade into micro-plastic.


Our interlining is made in France by Lainières de Picardie for Chargeurs*PCC.


> Recycled polyester yarn certified GRS 2019-010
> Recycled polyester fabric certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 HKNO 056817
> Fabric certified REACH


> Partner certified ISO-9001.



Four of our jackets, except Menaka, have zippers. We have chosen a polyester ribbon that resists traction and friction, it is 100% recycled. The slider is made of zamak, an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper, particularly appreciated for the casting of fine and complex parts, which gives the slider this cylindrical shape. The set is silver, to add a luminous touch to our jackets.


Polyester is recycled and spun in italy by  Sinterama, the zipper is made in Italy by ZIP Goffredo.


> Recycled polyester yarn certified GRS 2016-007
> Trim certified OEKO-TEX 100 0907118.O


> Manufacture certified EMAS IT-001384
> Manufacture certified ISO-14001
IT-67429 & EMS-2834
> Manufacture committed DETOX by GREENPEACE



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Commitment launched by Greenpeace, guaranteeing the abandonment of several chemicals dangerous for humans and the environment.

EMAS - Eco-Management et Audit Scheme
European Union audit system ensuring monitoring and constant improvement of environmental performance.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard
International and voluntary standard which certifies by an external audit the quality of the organic fiber as well as the social and environmental practices of the production chain, so as its traceability.

GRS - Global Recycle Standard
International and voluntary standard which certifies by an external audit the technical and chemical quality of the recycled fiber as well as the social and environmental practices of the production chain, so as its treacability.

Standardized international standard guaranteeing high standards in environmental management.

Standardized international standard guaranteeing high standards in quality management.

Life Cycle Assessment
International and voluntary standard which certifies by an external audit which demonstrates the expertise of the life cycle of its product, in particular by minimizing the natural resources used, the polluting emissions and the production of waste.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Guarantee that certifies components that are healthy and free from chemicals harmful to humans.

REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals
EU regulation ensuring the absence of chemicals hazardous to humans and the environment.

ZDHC - Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
Label guaranteeing rigorous control and good management of chemical substances discharged into industrial water.


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