Our creative process

The creative process of Oblique outerwear collections is recurrent. We develop our jackets or coats, according to the season, and our collection's universe in four stages: the definition of the theme, an aesthetic synthesis, some transversal creative research, and the conception of the utopia. A unique process revealing Oblique's atypical approach to fashion and creation, and much more than that.




This founding stage relates first to the sense of sight, an essential meaning for us. Charles is an image bulimic whose aesthetic sensibility is mainly formal - based fundamentally on form, therefore. Harry is an aesthete with an eye forged in the arts, especially painting. Our interest in a theme always starts from the pleasure of contemplating. To contemplate the plastic beauty of a building, a garment, an ornament, a tool, and even a plant or an animal.

The object in question and is the starting point of research around the future collection of outerwear. Charles carries out extensive iconographic research, to nourish the visual universe and confirm the plastic interest of the theme. Harry carries out broader searches, to quickly contextualize the object, and what it relates to, including its historical, geographic, and cultural background. It allows us to lay down a more conceptual framework for the theme and its symbolic dimension. We then validate the theme of the collection.




Then comes the heart of the creative work, Charles draws the collection. He appropriates the theme and draws from his in-depth iconographic research to extract its essence. Using his graphic palette, he infuses an abstract concept, an idea, or freely transposes very concrete cuts and lines to the models that will constitute the future collection of outerwear. This fusion between architectural geometry and organic curves is part of a desire to create designer pieces with avant-garde looks.

At the same time, Harry works on sourcing. It defines the technical characteristics, in particular the sustainability, of the fabrics and trims chosen with Charles. We define materials and colors in line with the theme and neo-futurism, which favors sober and plain colors as well as textures. It provides a framework for the search for suppliers. It is also a benchmark for the sustainable development and quality control of the collection.


 "Oblique is an invitation to assert your difference." 


Oblique's style is mainly studied cuts and volumes, sophisticated lines. A subtle composition of minimalist appearance with yet elaborate details. Particular attention is given to the quality, the weight, and the touch of the fabrics. Oblique's jackets and coats are sculptural pieces resulting from plastic research. Each collection is a formal aesthetic synthesis that takes up the codes of neo-futurism. We aim to create resolutely contemporary outerwear, stemming from a vision turned towards the future. The process continues with cross-cutting creative research.







This second step gives substance to the collection. It is supervised by Harry while the collection is being developed with our model maker. The creation of outerwear makes it possible to tackle other subjects, always linked to the theme of the season. The starting point is always the inspiration of each jacket, each coat. Each element selected by Charles is identified and then studied. This stage is carried out to weave the backdrop of the collection.

Creative research results from several objectives: to give a strong and coherent identity to the collection; to understand and value our sources of inspiration; to give them visibility and allow our community to discover a new universe; to feed our reflections and those of our community on fashion, creation and more broadly our societies; to give meaning to our work. It results in the formulation of a problem that will give birth to our utopia.


 "We too often neglect the symbolism. 
 The choice of a word, a material, or a form... It transcribes a lot of things without noticing it. " 



Oblique is also a fashion that transcends itself, aware to be much more than that. This research allows us to confront subjects that go beyond the scope of our activities. They remind us that as fashion designers, as entrepreneurs, and as citizens, our choices and actions are like the threads of a fabric that, once woven together, will produce tomorrow's cloth. This symbolic analogy embodies the jackets and coats we create, our company, Oblique, and so much more. This research leads to the creation of our utopia. 





Finally, the creative process of our collections ends with the emergence of a utopia based on the universe of Oblique. It is the fusion of Charles' creative talent, which goes far beyond fashion design; Harry's idealistic will and literary qualities; our shared fascination for the future and its possibilities; our passion for science fiction; extracts from our theme and creative research; of our quest for a neo-futurist society founded on aesthetics, ethics, and innovation. A society that would also embody our values, as the jackets and coats we create already do.

From our imaginations nourished by our creative process' previous stages and as a response to our problem, born a place in the distant future. Harry gives the substance and writes the story. Charles gives the shape and illustrates each episode. Our utopia is a burst of our fantasies, a vision of our dreams. It is a stroll in a marvelous futuristic space-time. It is a fiction that invites our community to project into the future that we want to forge. She is the ode of our collection, our apologue of creator, a new page in the history of Oblique.


  "Our interest in the imagination is overwhelming.
 We wanted to go further and transport our community by creating futuristic fiction from our work. " 



A neo-futurist city to illustrate our utopia.


 "When we will have the means and the legitimacy, 
 we would like to do a lot more of our utopias ... " 





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