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Oblique was selected for the quality of its creations and its commitments to sustainable development by Victoire Satto for The Good Goods, France's leading responsible fashion media. Below is a translated excerpt from the article "Responsible luxury: 5 young committed and ultra-design brands" by Victoire Satto, published on on April 02, 2022.


"Luxury. 4 letters in which you can store a Supreme sweater as well as a bottle of perfume chiselled and gilded with fine gold, a Balenciaga industrial plastic bag or a Dior Couture dress with 800 hours of work. Luxuries. The ultimate luxury is perhaps and without doubt immaterial today: an hour of absolute silence in a city in fury, a country at peace in a world at war, a moment of oneself disconnected from the networks. Faced with the difficulty of dealing with this subject, which is so vast and so dependent on everyone's tastes and culture, we have chosen a red thread for the selection of the day: here the notion of "luxury" does not take into account the notoriety of the brand, it strives to seek criteria of manufacturing ethics, respect for the environment and a slow pace of creation. Although aesthetics are obviously taken into account, they remain subjective, which is why our attention will be paid more to the quality of the pieces presented, leaving everyone the possibility of expressing their emotions in front of these creations, without having to worry commitments that we will have previously validated (because trust, too, is a luxury in 2022).



Oblique is a neo-futuristic, idealistic brand that develops women's collections between innovation and sustainable development.
Each collection is imagined in a distant future, a fictional universe, a utopia. This young brand is faithful to this DNA written before its launch, presented at The Good Goods at a fashion show in September 2018. 

Obliquity symbolizes a bias, a tangent, a form of opposition to the classic functioning of the fashion system, with an unsustainable rhythm and harmful ecological consequences.
Oblique creates outdoor pieces, jackets and coats, like moving architectural structures, like the buildings of a sustainable future to be forged.

Graphic movements and ample volumes dialogue with simple cuts and colors. Each material, natural organic or recycled, is certified, as are the dyes and the clothing workshops in Portugal, presented on the site with total transparency on the degree of traceability. The brand produces a small quantity of parts, values off-cuts and limits packaging as much as possible."

Victoire Satto


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