French manufacturing

We produce our coats in France in Paris. A choice of proximity based on several parameters. First, our values, choosing a local workshop is a response to globalization of the market. It means participating in the regeneration of the French textile industry and preserving know-hows, it is minimizing our carbon footprint and ensuring the working conditions of our production team.

French manufacturing is also a guarantee of quality. Proximity allows simpler and faster exchanges, it makes the verification of visual and tactile renderings accessible. A more human communication, easier dialogue between our creative team and the technical team in charge of the garment. These are all key factors for a high-end brand with committed values, such as Oblique.

Our made in France coats are made in Paris by the Fabrique de la Goutte d´'Or, located in the eponymous district of the 18th arrondissement. It is a cooperative of artisans with a social and solidarity approach. La Fabrique de la Goutte d´'Or works with young designers and emerging brands by offering a cutting-edge tailoring service with couture finishes. It is part of the project of the Gouttes d´'Or de la Mode & du Design local activity center.   



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