Our aesthetic is inspired by the neo-futurist movement, a movement that emerges at the beginning of the 21st century mainly in architecture before spreading in design and then in art. Imbued with idealism, this avant-garde movement opposes the gloomy disenchantment with which postmodernist thought is tinged of. It is defined by designer Vito Di Bari in his Manifesto of Neo-Futuristic City (2007) as "[…] a cross-pollination of art, cutting-edge technologies and ethical values ​​combined to create a better overall quality of life."

Like its ancestor, Futurism, an artistic movement from the beginning of the 20th century from which it draws its fundamental values, neo-futurism exalts the contemporary world, glorifies urbanity, machines and speed. It seeks to instill a feeling of dynamism, of movement. Neo-futurism gives primacy first to organic forms, a subtle blend of order and chaos, symmetry and asymmetry, oscillating between rectilinear and undulating perspectives, between angles and rounds, straight lines and curves. Then gives primacy to materials, are privileged glass, steel and concrete, the materials incarnating perfectly the industrial era, symbolizing the emergence of the city. Cold and raw materials that reveal a certain purity.


 “Architecture is the way a person places himself in space.

Fashion is about the you place the object on the person.” 

 Zaha Hadid 


Our coat collections transcribe our neo-futurist artistic line with sculptural silhouettes cumulating graphic cuts and ample volumes, sobriety with sophisticated details. We give priority to noble and natural or innovative synthetic materials that are always healthy and of high quality. Our creations also carry this ideal of an open city where art, technology and sustainable development coexist. Coats with as much regard for substance as for form.

Some references that we like.

Shigeru Ban, architect.
Zaha Hadid, architect.
Yuima Nakazato, stylist.
Iris Van Herpen, stylist.


Discover how neo-futurism embodied in our collections.




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