We create utopias

Oblique can define itself as utopian. Designers with an ambitious vision of fashion and society, of a shared future. Company supporting an ideal between sustainable development and innovation. A dream as an ultimate objective, a guideline. Each collection engenders a fictional universe where our utopia takes place very concretely.



Utopia is an expression that means "in no place" in ancient Greek, [οὐ-τόπος - ou-topos]. It was introduced in the 16th century by a humanist British man of letters and politician, Thomas More. He named his fictional island and the influential book that describes it Utopia. The story describes a fabulous island and its perfect society. Inhabitants are living there happily, in good health, equal and free. This work constitutes the basis of a literary style named after it, simultaneously a travelogue, a political and philosophical essay. This literary style inspired all creative fields: cinema, video games, architecture, even fashion.

A utopia represents an imaginary space. A fantasized community transcribing an absolute ideal of justice, social, political or economic organization. Above all, it fulfills a subversive function. By dreaming, by freeing yourself from the constraints of reality, utopia allows you to see things differently with a fresh look. Utopia aims to question the world's understanding and stimulates critical thinking. It often has a political scope to interrogate or criticize the authority and the dominant model. The story aims to make people dream and open up the field of possibilities. Utopia has a more negative side based on its absolutism, idealistic dimension cut off from reality. 

Utopias remain unrealistic. It is synonymous with the unrealizable or the irrational. This qualifier's negative connotation implies the lack of realism of a project. In more extreme cases, it suggests a dangerous vision due to the absolutism of utopias. The perfection they describe rejects difference or pluralism. It supposes a fanatic and totalitarian society bearing a unique truth that does not tolerate any deviation from its vision. From the drifts of utopias forged its dark opposite, the dystopia. An imaginary place transcribing an abominable society without freedom, where the control of a supreme authority reigns. 

Utopias' purpose is to widen the field of the possible. It is a change-driver, a fundamental break with the existing, allowing the potential to take precedence over reality. This exercise thinks over realness through fiction. To consider how our societies could adopt another form. Utopia lets a fantasy guide an innovative project without governing it. Utopia helps dreams to engender actions without being unreasonable. They are moral ideals towards which to tend with lucidity. They positively represent a gray area where dreams and the future coexist. One generates the action modeling the other.



Oblique and its utopias voluntarily look to nourish reflections on tomorrow. At a time when the future seems so uncertain and leads to deep nostalgia, a fear of tomorrow. The past is at the core of many citizens, politicians, and artists’ discourse. Wouldn't it be an appropriate gesture to question contemporary issues? To propose a new vision of the future that is positive and innovative? A future looking to respond to the challenges of the 21st century? Oblique seeks to humbly suggest ideas through utopias to contribute to the construction of tomorrow. 

Utopias contribute to the new aesthetic of Oblique. Our aesthetic vision goes through the collections or the artistic direction of our brand. It is further through an approach that goes far beyond the framework of fashion that Oblique conceives something new. Each collection gives birth to a utopia. Our fiction clarifies the meaning of our project and weaves links between the themes approached during the season. It connects the past, the present, and the future. Our story is a link that maintains the traceability between our creations and their origin. Each season attends an opportunity to dream of the future and initiate it. Our team considers fashion as a catalyst of potentiality. We design clothes to stimulate an alternative vision and feed the reflections about the societies we want to build.




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