Social impact investment


We will financially support a social impact project each season through On the sale of each Oblique coat, the sum of 10€ will be taken to be reinvested in a social impact project. Shortly before the end of each season, we will select three projects on the fundraising organization platform for social or environmental impact businesses These three shortlisted projects will be the subject of a presentation and a vote to our community via our Instagram account and newsletter, leaving it up to our community to choose the project in which we will invest the sum raised at the close of sales for the season.

First, as young entrepreneurs, we know that fundraising for the launch of your project is a real challenge as well as a crucial step. We want to be in solidarity with other emerging projects by helping them to materialize, like us who have been lucky to be supported on many occasions. Then, as committed entrepreneurs, we also want to support projects with a positive social impact. We emphasize on the social aspect because even if we work to minimize our negative social impact (local production and search for transparency on the value chain to ensure working conditions) we are designers of coats and our direct social impact remains limited. This investment allows us to have a direct and concrete social impact.



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