Victor Roblin offers for the ASSIM/LATION collection a visual universe in the era of time, spontaneous and dynamic, where the sequences alternate between digital video and HD. The sound universe, composed and performed by LISA, sets the pace, between disturbing sounds and intoxicating voices. From introspection to action, this short video is an ode to a better future.



Bouchera BOUOUF - shooting production assistant

Alexis BOURGUIGNON - voice over recorder

Alexandre CHARRIERE - DV operator

Marion DELPECH - music casting (PWFM)
@mamar_delpech (@pwformusic / @ p_women_for_music) (

Lorette DELVA - production manager

Valérie DELVA - voice over

Nora FONTAINE - camera assistant

Charlotte FREE - model

Céline FREIXE - montage

Maylis GHORRA - casting

LISA - sound universe (Tsunami Records)
@lisa_tsunami (@tsunami__records)

Marion PAVIA - backstage photographer 

Coline PEYROT - stylist

Victor ROBLIN - director

Elodie SAFENO - model

Lola SIBRA - voice over production assistant

Flavie TERRAKHOL - makeup artist

Eva WANG - model

Edwina ZADJERMANN - model

Mélina ZAUBER - model




Discover the Oblique fall-winter 2020 collection of coats, ASSIM / LATION.


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