We are oblique

A neo-futuristic brand for women looking for a new aesthetic. Our vision is idealistic, between innovation and sustainability. Our outerwear gives an architectural dimension to our silhouettes. We imagine each of our collection in a distant future, a fictive universe, our utopia.

We have a meaning

This word comes from the Latin obliquus
which means "sidelong", "sideways",
like our will to take a different path.

It is composed of the prefix ob-
which marks an idea of opposition,
like our positioning against a society whose operation
has harmful ecological and social consequences.

Then the radical lic-, which can be found in
- licium, the weft thread of the looms
that symbolises our outerwear 
- licinus, which means "turned upwards",
like our looks turned towards a future that we shape.

We create jackets and coats

We create jackets and coats because they are the piece of clothing we wear to face the world, the ones that protect us, the ones others see.

Outerwear has a complex symbolism due to its highly functional dimension, and also social. This symbolism varies spatially and temporally. We let see who we are through the outerwear we put on.

Learn more about outerwear and our will to create some.

Our aesthetics

Neo-futurist aesthetic.
Sculptural, architectural silhouettes. Graphic cuts. Ample volumes.
Supremacy of form and primacy of material over color.
Sobriety with sophisticated details,
as much regard as for substance as for form.

We are looking for beauty

architectural movement of the 21st century.
Idealistic. Avant-garde.
Exalts the contemporary world.
Glorifies urbanity and machines. Instills dynamism and speed. Preaches aesthetics, technologies and high moral values.
Gives primacy to shape and material.

Explore neo-futurism and how we appropriate it.

We shape the future

We approach a new universe for each collection, first in a purely formal way. We operate an aesthetic synthesis, a transposition of cuts and lines.

We then study this universe in a transversal way, from our creative research a contemporary societal problem emerges.

As a response, we give birth to a utopia, a neo-futurist fiction set in a distant future, in a possible tomorrow.

We write the ode of our collection,
our creator's apologue, the story of Oblique.

The episodes of our fictions will be revealed throughout of the season in our chronicles.

Discover our latest collection.
Understand our creative process in depth.
Dream about tomorrow with us, embrace our fictions.

Our values

A quest for an ideal. A fantasy of the society to which we aspire.
The burst of a vision. A fashion that transcends itself, which would be much more than that.
A desire to restore confidence in tomorrow.

We act for sustainability

We work for the longevity of our creations with quality production.
We select organic or recycled fabrics, healthy, of excellent quality and made in Europe in decent conditions. We develop their traceability.
We manufacture in Portugal, avoiding overproduction.
We recycle our fabric scraps.
We guarantee transparency
and assume our prices.
We limit the impact of our packaging.
We are redistributing our resources.

We give sense of Oblique.

Find out about all of our sustainable initiatives.
Discover the location of our production and its organization.
Explore the selection of fabrics from our latest collection.

Our genesis

Is this our world? Our humanity?
Is this what we believe in? What we want ?
So much has to change.

Take your time, choose your fight. Find your way.
We found ours.

We are Oblique.
We create neo-futurist jackets and coats,
in our quest for a utopian future.

Oblique is the synthesis
of Charles' creative talent and Harry's idealistic will.
It is a consensus to succeed
to a common vision for the future.
Oblique is more than an outerwear brand.

We materialize our utopia

Oblique is first a friendship between Charles and Harry for more than ten years.

Charles is a dreamer, fascinated by the future and its possibilities. Passionate about fashion, garments allows him to express, to materialize his vision of the world.

Harry is curious, he is a passionate, driven by his convictions. His love for art and cultures makes him a man with a deep need for meaning.

Oblique it's us.

Wear the future. Lead your utopia.



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