We are oblique

A utopian brand of neo-futurist outerwear for women
looking for highly sustainable pieces with a sharp aesthetic.
Our quest for an ideal future combining ethics, innovation and design
is embodied by our coats.

We have of meaning

This word comes from the Latin obliquus which means "sidelong", "sideways", like our will to take a different path. It is composed of the prefix ob- which marks an idea of opposition, like our positioning in the face of the fashion industry whose operation has harmful ecological and social consequences.

Then the radical lic-, which can be found in
- licium, the weft thread of the looms that symbolises our outerwear - licinus, which means "turned upwards", like our looks turned towards a future that we shape.

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We create coats

We have chosen to create coats because they are the piece of clothing we wear to face the world, the ones that protect us, the ones others see.

Outwear has a complex symbolism due to its highly functional dimension, and also social. This symbolism varies spatially and temporally. We let see who we are through the coat we wear.


Neo-futuristic aesthetics. Sculptural, architectural silhouettes. Graphic cuts. Ample volumes. Noble and natural or synthetic and innovative materials.

A sobriety with sophisticated details.

Our artistic line

Neo-futurism. Architectural movement of the 21st century. Idealistic. Avant-garde. Aesthetics, technology and ethical values. Exalts the contemporary world. Glorifies urbanity and machines. Gives primacy to shapes and materials. Instills dynamism and speed.

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Our collections

Each one of our collections starts from our artistic line linked to the neo-futurism to look for another aesthetic universe with strong symbolic. Universe that we seek in the course of our inspirations, our personal interests, which always lead to a better understanding of the contemporary social problems.
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Sustainable design. Favoring long life. Integrate recycled, organic or eco-responsible materials. Aspiring to zero waste. Sourcing in Europe. Made in France. Redistributing and re-investing. Assuming our prices. Developing traceability. Respect for people and the environment. A desire to restore trust.

Our quality

From the quality of our European fabrics to the high standards of our workshop in France, through the research behind our creative process, everything in the design of our coats is thought out to promote durability, both material and emotional.

Our impact

Selection of raw materials.
#Circularity #Traceability

Made in France.
#MadeInFrance #Traceability

Valorization of fabric scraps.
#Circularity #ZeroWaste

Development of reusable packaging

Social impact investment
#Social #Solidarity


Oblique is first thing first a friendship between Charles and Harry for more than ten years.

Charles is a dreamer, fascinated by the future and its possibilities. Passionate about fashion, the story allows him to express, to materialize his vision of the world.

Harry is curious, he is also a man of passion driven by his convictions. His love of art and cultures makes him a man with a deep need for meaning.

Oblique it's us.


Is this our world ? Our humanity ? 

Is this what we believe in ? What we want ? 

So many things have to change. 


Take your time, chose your fight. Find your way.

We found ours.


We are Oblique.
We create neo-futuristic coats.


Oblique is the synthesis 

of Charles' creative talent and Harry's idealistic will.

It is a consensus to lead
to a shared vision of the future.



Neo-futurism preaches perpetual research
of innovation, of aesthetics and ethics.


Our collections substantiate the research of our ideal.
Each coat is a burst of our vision.

They are the message we convey.


They embody a future that is yours. 

They remind you that you also carry your own utopia,
and that nothing should prevent you to work for its accomplishments,
so as us.



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